Study at arakele

Our short term courses are government recognized and accredited. If you are interested in learning a variety of sewing skills in both traditional and contemporary styles and wish to gain the skills and confidence to use an industrial sewing machine to make garments, then this course is ideal for the student who wishes to expand her career potential in the expanding garment industry here in Ethiopia. 

Based in a quiet and green compound In fully equipped classrooms with new industrial sewing machines and separate classrooms for learning how to sketch and create patterns,  you will be introduced to a wide range of basic skills necessary to work with a wide variety of patterns and garments.

Working through a structured programme and taught by Ethiopian professionals with the highest level of teaching credentials, this informative course will help you understand many aspects of the garment industry including the fundamental principles of: pattern cutting techniques and terminology; fabrics and interfacings; lay planning and cutting fabric; and a wide scope of garment construction methods.

Through tutor-led, step-by-step demonstrations you will compile a comprehensive folder of information, including samples, garments and paper patterns. Each week will build on the week prior, in a logical and progressive order, starting with the basics of first learning about body measurements, making patterns and hand sewing items from start to finish before progressing to learning about and using the sewing machinery.

You will quickly gain confidence working in a professional, yet relaxed and friendly atmosphere. With guidance and encouragement from your tutor, you will develop an awareness of the general processes involved in producing various types of garments. This, in turn, will support your learning and equip you with a varied range of skills for working on garments or other personal sewing projects in the future.

Before your graduation event held annually at a 5 star hotel with your final design being modeled and presented to an audience, you will have also displayed a garment you have made at an in house carnival event in the school grounds for family and friends.

Students at ARAKELE gain confidence and make friends as well as learning a useful and income generating skill!